The Legend of Ryzia and DeShon

After her terrible rape in the elemental plane, the mother suffered through a difficult birth. Despite all the horrors and terrors that would haunt her dreams for the remainder of her life, she gladly bore it for the two bundles of joy she received in turn. She moved deep into the woods where she could raise her strange children, DeShon and Ryzia, without arousing suspicion. Suspicion from the common folk, the local lords and clerics. But most importantly, from them. The ones who wore the circular crests

Despite their reclusiveness, rumors spread in the adjacent villages of other-worldly strangers in the forest. For children play, and as children, DeShon and Ryzia were never in control of their elemental powers. Vast forest fires and tumultuous lightning storms plagued the region for years. Villagers even began to fear their forests were cursed. And when these rumors reached THEIR ears, the ones with the circular crests, they came for them. They assaulted the mother, torturing her, demanding she turn the children over to them. But nothing they could do could shake her love, a mothers love for her children.

The children, in fear and confusion, turned to the power within them and assumed their true elemental forms. As fire and lightning they were able to escape, traveling far and fast. As their mother lay dying hours later, locked away deep in a cell, she too turned to the power within her. For her children were not the only gift she had taken with her from that elemental abyss. The raw energies that permeated her body had imbued her with a primal power, an ancient power. And as she lay dying, she called on that power for the first and final time, using it to seal away the vast majority of her children’s powers until they grew to maturity, and could begin to master it. Enough time for the villagers to forget, for those with the circular crests to move on to other targets, for DeShon and Ryzia to live their lives.

And while their powers were sealed, their memories were not. Out of frustration of having her lightning locked away, Ryzia turned to the art of seduction. She learned that raw elemental power was not the only way to get others to bend to her will. And after nearly a hundred years mastering this art, Ryzia became bored. Out of amused boredom, she would have her victims inflict pain onto themselves, earning her quite a reputation throughout the region’s brothels…

And now, 345 years later, those seals, formed of primal magic and a mother’s love for her children, have finally begun to crumble. The raw untapped powers living within DeShon and Ryzia have begun to leak out. The siblings have only just begun to master the beginnings of the powers available to them…

On a far away plane, a being of unimaginable power stirs. He reaches his thoughts out through the infinite, searching, feeling, before finally resting on the two small sparks, their existence so small, far away on a distant mortal plane. They did not yet know what power existed within them. It was true they were both half mortal. But the other half was so much more. Destiny? Prophecy? Insignificant mumblings. The fates of worlds and planes would come to rest on the actions of these two, amongst the others. The other chosen champions…

And their mother had told them they were the children of ordinary elementals! To her limited mortal comprehension, perhaps they had seemed that way.

If a being such as he could of, he would have laughed.

The Legend of Ryzia and DeShon

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